Workshop on Commercial Dispute ResolutionWe held an interactive workshop on Chinese and comparative commercial dispute resolution (CDR) in practice in March 2019.

IP in the Shanghai Free Trade ZoneChinese and British experts came together at Renmin University in October 2015 to discuss "parallel imports and exhaustion of rights"

Crowd-funding in the Shanghai Free Trade ZoneWe explored issues affecting Chinese and British crowd-funding markets and regulations in Beijing in October 2015

A Successful "English Law Day" in BeijingIn September 2015, we partnered with the Law Society of England and Wales to give a seminar on practising English law

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Centre for Common Law:
The Renmin University of China has established the Centre for Common Law, working in cooperation with the Great Britain-China Centre and the University of Oxford Faculty of Law,in order to promote the value and principles of common law in China by supporting research and study and to support legal practitioners in both countries.
1.To promote research into the Common Law by Chinese academics and expand co-operation between British and Chinese legal scholars;
Chairman : Xiao Yang (Former Chief Justice)
Director: He Jiahong
Secretaries General: Cheng Lei
Assistant Director: Jiang Dong, Guo Rui, Wu Zhicheng
Our Experts: