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Frontiers of Law Seminar - Dr Cian Murphy: Brexit and Europe`s Future


The result of the referendum in the United Kingdom on 23 June 2016 has led to the most significant change in Britain’s relationship with the rest of Europe in a generation. The UK Government has a commitment to begin negotiations to leave the EU early in 2017 – a process that will take at least two years and maybe quite a lot longer. The prospect of the UK leaving the EU has implications for law, economics, security, and international relations in Europe and around the world. In this talk Dr Cian Murphy of Bristol Law School will examine those implications and ask what ‘Brexit’ means for the future of Europe.

时间/Time: 3-4.30pm, April 7, 2017

地点/Venue: 917, Mingde Law Building, Renmin Law School

主持人/Chair: JIANG Dong  (姜栋), Associate Professor of  Renmin Law School

演讲人/Speaker: Dr Cian Murphy, Senior Lecturer in Public International Law at University of Bristol Law School

Murphy ProfileDr Cian Murphy is Senior Lecturer in Public International Law at Bristol Law School, a member of the World Justice Project Rule of Law Research Consortium, and a judicial assistant at the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes. He is a former Academic Co-Director of the Center for Transnational Legal Studies and Fulbright Scholar at Georgetown University and New York University. He is the author of an award-winning monograph on European Union law.